Steve Jobs concedes that Apple botched the launch of the MobileMe service. Or, should I say, re-launch. It was .Mac before that, was and remains overpriced at $99 a year, and seems snakebittenĀ and poorly conceptualized. Very, very far from being the highlight of the Apple experience.

Bump in the Night

SpaceX’s third attempt to launch its Falcon 1 booster was brought down by the same kind of separation failure as its second. A pretty basic hurdle not met. My prior point/concern about peer review stands. There’s a little too much groupthink going on there, I think. Nonetheless, here’s hoping they have a clean flight 4.

The Edwards Confession

In the end, so what? John Edwards was not going to be Obama’s veep; his non-endorsement of Obama prior to the North Carolina primary, when all the polls were predicting a big Obama victory, saw to that. Nor was he going to be a cabinet officer; they go through Senate confirmation and you can bet Republicans would have had the goods on him. Edwards is and always has been a manifest phony. He got into office in 1998 only because he was the alternative to the probably crooked Lauch Faircloth, and once there didn’t even bother hiding the fact he was just barely going through the motions of representing North Carolina until he could run for national office. Dems can be thankful that he was already on his way to being a forgotten man.

Oh, and I won’t be boo-hooing for Elizabeth, either. By her own admission, she knew, and kept it to herself while her husband was running for president.