That Dysfunctional Clinton Campaign

An upcoming article in the Atlantic will paint a very unflattering picture of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, if the early leaks are reflective of what’s in store. They suggest strongly that Hillary has little executive ability, and that Bill was pulling the strings behind the scenes even more strongly than we all suspected. The urgings to paint Obama as the “other” and exploit Jeremiah Wright also show a tin ear for Democratic politics that by necessity relies on a multi-racial coalition. Rants similar to Wright’s can be heard Sundays in many a black church. On what planet, exactly, does the act of condemning those churches help a Democrat?

Non-Complete Clauses Fall

California’s Supreme Court has struck down the use of non-compete clauses in employment contracts in that state. (Opinion here.) All to the good, I think. A company has the right to protect its intellectual property. Society, however, has an interest in seeing to it that people can work in their chosen fields of expertise.

Rising Opposition to RIAA

The number of states scrutinizing RIAA violations of the rules for licensing private investigators continues to rise. This is looking like a profitable line of attack for defense attorneys.

Texting a Flight Down

An air-traffic controller used a cell phone’s text-messaging features last week to talk an airplane down. Not in the movie sense of having to teach someone to fly in 30 minutes or less, but as a backup to talk to a real pilot who had no other way to communicate after his plane’s electrical system failed. Just shows that today’s communications technology can find uses its designers never dreamed of.

Infowar in the Caucasus

More claims that the Russians are trying to disrupt Georgian Internet traffic. People more knowledgeable than I about network backbones would have to pass judgment on the accuracy of these reports. I do hope the CIA and DoD are taking notes. Hat tip: Slashdot.

U.S. 2, Netherlands 2

The U.S. men’s soccer team ties in group action. Sideline Views has the blow-by-blow. Our guys couldn’t hold off a late push by the Dutch for the equalizer. Freddy Adu is out of the next game on yellows.

New Updates on Georgia/Russia

Galrahn at Information Dissemination has the latest, spread over multiple posts. Just keep scrolling. 

My own observations:

  1. There’s a pretty strong info-war component going on, as the Russians try to disrupt Georgian Internet traffic.
  2. The Georgians have already resorted to “irregular” tactics. What the Russians got in Afghanistan and we got in Iraq is going to become an ever-more-common feature of conflict, even in supposedly conventional operations.
  3. As usual, casualty avoidance, either among civilians or its own forces, is not a priority in Russian operations.
  4. The Russians are operating with total air and sea supremacy. The only thing stopping them from reincorporating Georgia proper is Georgian land resistance, a finite quality, and their own self-restraint.
  5. I hope the Bush administration is talking to the Turks.

Edwards: Role Model?

Former GOP operative Carter Wrenn weighs in on the John Edwards flap:

For some strange reason we seem to be plodding through an era when our politicians, by and large, seem hollow to the core. All glitter, no substance. Big hat, no cattle.

I reckon John Edwards should weigh on us not because he got himself tangled up with a blonde, but because he misled people like the woman who worked for him. And because it seems the disease infecting our politics is virulent and spreading and if we just say, What does that have to do with the public interest, it’s going to keep on spreading …

With all due respect, humbug. Politicians these days are no more likely — or less likely — than their predecessors to engage in extracurriculars of the sort Edwards has. Anyone remember Wilbur Mills? Or JFK?

Georgian/Russian War

Galrahn at Information Dissemination tries to piece it together. Thomas Barnett puts it in context. Essential reads, both.