New Updates on Georgia/Russia

Galrahn at Information Dissemination has the latest, spread over multiple posts. Just keep scrolling. 

My own observations:

  1. There’s a pretty strong info-war component going on, as the Russians try to disrupt Georgian Internet traffic.
  2. The Georgians have already resorted to “irregular” tactics. What the Russians got in Afghanistan and we got in Iraq is going to become an ever-more-common feature of conflict, even in supposedly conventional operations.
  3. As usual, casualty avoidance, either among civilians or its own forces, is not a priority in Russian operations.
  4. The Russians are operating with total air and sea supremacy. The only thing stopping them from reincorporating Georgia proper is Georgian land resistance, a finite quality, and their own self-restraint.
  5. I hope the Bush administration is talking to the Turks.

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