David Stern Backing Cuban’s Cubs Bid?

Just now on ESPN’s Sunday night baseball telecast, Peter Gammons said that NBA commish David Stern has told various folks with the Chicago Cubs and/or Major League Baseball that Dallas Mavs owner Mark Cuban has been good for the NBA. That’s counterintuitive given all the fines Stern’s hit Cuban with over the years, but it shows that Stern has an eye firmly on the bottom line. No question Cuban’s been good there. The real question is whether MLB commish Bud Selig is running a business or a club. Running MLB as a business means Cuban’s in, assuming his bid to buy the Cubs has the necessary dollars behind it. Running it as a club, not so much. I don’t doubt that Cuban would quickly join the Steinbrenners, Arte Moreno in Anaheim and John Henry in Boston as a guy who shows it’s possible to win, cater to fans and make a ton of money all at once.

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