Debate Coaches Gone Wild

Somehow, I can’t picture my 72-year-old debate coach back in high school flying off the handle like this. One more sign of the apocalypse, I suppose.

As Jon Sanders at The Locker Room says:

But what to call it? Argument Ab Natibus or a form of Reductio Ad Nudum Corpum? Or perhaps simply the Ace Ventura Technique?

Infowar: Like Copying a Web Page

Someone’s got a handle on how the Russians disrupted Georgia’s Internet links. Frighteningly easy, it was.

McCain Gets Techy

John McCain lays out his tech policy, and there’s a lot of good news in it for Big Media. Among other things, he opposes net neutrality. I’ve said it before and will say it again: Someone needs to take the Constitution’s idea of time-limited copyright (as opposed to Congress’ defacto extension of perpetual copyrights) seriously. Make copyrights too short, and no one will create. Make them too long, and creators will get lazy. Hollywood and the legacy music industry long ago passed into sloth.