Free Shoes U.

Florida State University appears to be in serious trouble with the NCAA over a cheating scandal and is busy trying to cover it up. When this school and the crooks running it finally do get caught, it’s going on probation for a long time. The NCAA is big on “institutional control,” meaning it cracks down even on rogue violations of its rules if it looks like a school’s administration was indifferent to what was going on. Here, I don’t think indifference is the problem. The administration I’ll bet was in on it.

North Carolina: In Play?

The folks at FiveThirtyEight are doing a state-by-state rundown of how the fall race will play and on Friday got around to North Carolina. I find nothing to quarrel with in this analysis. This’ll be an interesting race. NC has been GOP territory since the Carter years, but the cities are grabbing an increasing share of its population and most of the folks coming here new, making them potentially fertile ground for Obama. Chances are that McCain still takes it, but it’ll be a battle, and if Obama somehow breaks through, it’s game over.