Cry, the Beloved Seminole

Orson at the world’s best college football blog, Every Day Should Be Saturday, has taken official notice of the Florida State NCAA-investigation situation. As befits a fan of the University of Florida, he is amused:

A good villain needs to be someone who could kick your ass, which is why it’s been sad seeing Florida State decline into 7-5-dom and Music City Bowls. Sad is a carefully chosen word; we did not say regrettable, undeserved, or “not reeking with cosmic karmic justice of a vintage so refined we wouldn’t bottle it for fear of debasing its organic goodness.” No, sad will do very well.

While you’re there, and only if you have a taste for off-color humor, I suggest having a look at the other posts, including this one on Texas quarterback Colt McCoy. Be sure to read the comments; they’re half the fun of Orson’s site.

A GOP White Flag

After watching Michelle Obama’s speech, former Jesse Helms operative Carter Wrenn thinks the Dems are doing what they need to:

I’ll go out on a limb and … praise Michelle Obama. Even odder, Albert the Pollster, a died-in-the-wool Republican, says she hit a home run. Albert says undecided voters are set-in-stone determined to get shed of Bush-McCain -– and all that’s holding them back are their doubts about Obama. That, ‘He’s not one of us.’ Michelle talking about her momma and daddy bootstrapping up out of the Southside of Chicago sounded to Albert like his Lithuanian grandmother talking about boot-strapping up out of the Bronx. 

He says it’s a heck of a storyline for an election: Chicago meets Bronx. African-American mom meets white immigrant grandson. Old white men get the boot.


So Far in the Convention

Blogging’s been a bit light around here (social obligations, plus things being soggy around here thanks to the remnants of Tropical Storm Fay) so I’m a bit late to commenting on the Dem’s big party. But these things stick out:

  1. Hillary’s were-you-in-it-for-me-or-the-cause moment Tuesday night. Pitch perfect, and absolutely the right question. Eventually, the intended targets of that question will answer, “the cause.”
  2. Joe Biden’s riff on the economy. No raise, falling home values, rising gas prices, all concerns for the middle class. A blow well-struck. He was less convincing on foreign policy, however.
  3. Bill Clinton’s hammering on the economy. Not the way I would have done it — all one need to is compare the misery index components at the end of his administration to those prevailing now — but effective nonetheless. 

Obama’s task in his acceptance is to build on what Biden and Bill had to say about the economy.