Cry, the Beloved Seminole

Orson at the world’s best college football blog, Every Day Should Be Saturday, has taken official notice of the Florida State NCAA-investigation situation. As befits a fan of the University of Florida, he is amused:

A good villain needs to be someone who could kick your ass, which is why it’s been sad seeing Florida State decline into 7-5-dom and Music City Bowls. Sad is a carefully chosen word; we did not say regrettable, undeserved, or “not reeking with cosmic karmic justice of a vintage so refined we wouldn’t bottle it for fear of debasing its organic goodness.” No, sad will do very well.

While you’re there, and only if you have a taste for off-color humor, I suggest having a look at the other posts, including this one on Texas quarterback Colt McCoy. Be sure to read the comments; they’re half the fun of Orson’s site.

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