John Derbyshire:

In this age, optimism is for children and fools. And liberals.

Some children will be left behind. You cannot “remake the Middle East” or “defeat evil.” The poor will always be with us. Black and white will never mingle together in unselfconscious harmony. Corporations will not research and explore without hope of profit. Russia will not become Sweden. Forty million immigrants speaking a single language will not assimilate.

Wasn’t remaking the Middle East a conservative notion, or at least a Republican one? Didn’t Reagan go to Reykjavík to talk Gorbachev into agreeing both sides should give up all their nukes? Hasn’t the Bush administration touted its willingness to put blacks in high positions?  

We see here a movement at war with its own legacy — and with the better angels of the country’s nature. 

Clearly, though, these guys don’t know what to believe. Jay Nordlinger, also of National Review:

20. Obama won’t settle for an America in which some kids can’t get an education. And we child-haters on the right would, of course.

Jay, meet John.


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