More Qualms from the Right

Shannen Coffin at NRO:

Her career in the “city council” and as mayor of a town few outside of Alaska have ever heard of doesn’t exactly prepare her to preside over National Security Council meetings in the President’s absence, to serve as a close adviser to the President on counterterrorism issues, or to have the nuke “football” at her side 24/7.  And I say this as a guy who 1) grew up in a similar sized town in Louisiana that no one outside of Webster Parish has ever heard of, and 2) spent the 2005-07 as Counsel to the sitting Vice President — so I have some perspective on both from whence she came and what the job can involve.  That lack of experience is a political liability for the very reason that it is a real liability. 

Coffin also echoes the idea this is a Hail Mary play by McCain.

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