Friendly Fire

Noah Millman:

Foreign policy looms exceptionally large for me this time, and so far while I find Obama disappointing I find McCain genuinely alarming. Whether deep inside him he still harbors the “old McCain” who opposed the Lebanon intervention, supported the Powell Doctrine, and led the way on normalization with Vietnam, as a candidate McCain clearly wants to run on the permanent emergency, with a subtext that only a real American can be trusted to defend America, and real Americans can be identified by their reflex hawkishness in all circumstances. A campaign of that character would have to be defeated, for the good of the country.

McCain’s approach in that way is similar to Giuliani’s. It’s not clear whether said approach was Giuliani’s undoing — the strategic idiocy that was punting everything in advance of the Florida primary clouds the picture. But it certainly contributed to one of Joe Biden’s better lines: “a noun, a verb and 9/11.”


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  1. Real cute quote from Senator Biden, who acknowledged some years back he plagiarized a body of writing.

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