Thumbs Down

North Carolina’s two favorite blogging political heavyweights, Gary Pearce (aide to former Gov. Jim Hunt) and Carter Wrenn (aide to the late Sen. Jesse Helms) are not impressed by the Palin selection. Their reasoning differs slightly, but agrees on McCain’s weakness.


McCain panicked after the Democratic convention and Obama’s speech. He wanted to stop the momentum. He did. The wrong way. … Show me a party that worries about revving up the base at this point in the campaign, and I’ll show you a party that’s losing. It’s another iron law of politics.


McCain’s campaign got caught flat-footed, fumbled, and looked just plain silly … This constitutes a whole bunch of fumbles –- in five days –- by folks who were supposed to know better. Governor Palin has a lot going for her and right now she ought to give some thought to telling the political gurus she’d just as soon decide how to handle the next crisis herself.


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