Speech Service

Around the ‘sphere, it’s all very predictable as people assess Palin’s speech and the rest of GOP Night #2. Personally, I find the liveblogs at 538 most interesting. I’ve been reading Nate Silver for years, albeit while he was still writing just about baseball. But I learned a lot about baseball from him and he’s showing a lot of promise as a politics guy. Best moments tonight: when he and co-blogger Sean Q. queried some false notes on the question of service.

Nate, talking about Palin’s community-organizer slam:

We’ll see how well she is able to deliver this line — it is sure to get big applause in St. Paul. But it seems awfully petty for a party campaigning on the theme of service (of which there are other types apart from enlisting in the military).

Sean, reacting to Giuliani’s keynote:

9:11 CDT: [Sean] Open contemptuous mocking of community organizing. Wow, terrible read of the national mood.


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