Sharpening Divides

David Frum offers up a letter from an anti-abortion independent:

Obama’s campaign has been premised on an appeal to voters exactly like me -– voters who want a politics that does not so obviously delight in wallowing in the mud.  If there are a lot of Independents like me, Palin is a disaster.  She’s just performed what it is that is driving us from the Republicans.  She’s running against hope and the notion that we need civility in our political life.  She’s running against the notion that we ought to hold our fellow Americans in respect whether they come from small towns or big towns. 

I’m hearing some of the same concerns from swing voters in my circle. They heard from the GOP false notes, and far too many claims that implied a divine right to rule.

Meanwhile, my own read on Palin’s Wasilla career is coming around to a sense that she’s a pure opportunist. More on that over the weekend.


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