Friendly Fire (III)

Peter Suderman:

Podhoretz notes, as I did yesterday, that the candidates are “falling back on their points of comfort. McCain is talking about greed and lack of accountability — all of which are long-standing talking points of his, though they are usually applied to Washington and not to Wall Street.” He argues that this isn’t enough, that McCain needs better economic advice.  Maybe, but I think the fact that he’s recycling tired, pet themes suggests that more detailed economic coaching probably isn’t in the works. McCain may care about the state of the economy, or at least the general public perception of it, but he just doesn’t care much about the details. This isn’t exactly a shocker; as we’ve seen with his health care and global warming plans, when he does try to master economic details, he often fouls things up. The current mess on Wall Street is infinitely more complicated. That McCain is spouting economic bromides rather than talking substantively doesn’t show that he needs to work harder to master the issues so much as it shows that he’s already made the choice not to.


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