Preemptive Strike

Noah Shachtman at Wired and the gang at Inside Defense take note of some incoming potshots the USAF general in command of the missile defense program has lobbed at the incoming administration:

Lt. Gen. Trey Obering appeared to take a veiled shot at the incoming national security team yesterday, calling their knowledge about the interceptor effort “dated.”

Fair enough, but what follows isn’t:

Obering “warned against moving away from the proposed deployment of missile defense assets in Europe,”Inside Defense reports. Such a move, the general said, “would severely hurt, No. 1, our ability to protect our deployed forces in that region and our allies and our friends in that region from what we see as an emerging threat.” 

Uh, that’s a political decision, general, meaning it’s above your pay grade. You get the same say on those as everyone else, meaning one vote.

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