Turkish Anti-Americanism

Soner Cagaptay doesn’t like what he’s been hearing from Erdogan and other Turkish politicians, and has some advice for Obama:

The effect of this [anti-American sentiment] is that millions of young Turks, like the men who attacked the consulate, have seen America only through the AKP’s foreign-policy rhetoric, including a very negative spin on the Iraq War. There is now a tsunami of young Turks ready to die while trying to kill Americans. The lesson for you, President-elect Obama, is clear: with such anti-Western rhetoric, and because Turkish attachment to the West is so tenuous, your strategy must be to constantly remind Turks that they belong to the West. You must recognize that while the United States cannot stop this entrenched anti-Americanism altogether, the AKP government can, and you should make this issue a part of your conversation with Ankara. Your policy ought to be zero tolerance toward official anti-American and anti-Western rhetoric in Turkey.

The parallel with Pakistan again stands out — an ally perhaps slipping away.


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