Will Play for Food

Rhodri Marsden isn’t seeing a business model that works for the music industry, and doesn’t necessarily consider that a bad thing:

Slight poverty is what drives music forward. It only works if you’re in the red. You’ve never felt so alive as when you’ve just maxed out your credit card to get your band on a cross channel ferry for a one-off gig in Antwerp.

Cuban Slide

Peter Gammons over at ESPN has backed up his on-air comments about David Stern, Mark Cuban and Cuban’s bid for the Chicago Cubs with a column explaining why he thinks Cuban would be good for the game. Unfortunately, it’s pay-walled, so we only get tidbits. The most interesting:

There is increasing speculation that Sam Zell, the chairman and chief executive officer of the Tribune Company, is not going to allow the Commissioner’s Office to puppeteer the sale, and that Mark Cuban is in this thing far deeper than Selig and White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf want to believe.

Indeed. The Tribune is a publicly traded company and has a pretty strong obligation to maximize shareholder value in any deal. If as others are reporting Cuban has put in a $1.3 billion offer that tops all others, what Selig & Co. want doesn’t necessarily matter.