Pay Attention, Steve

Via Orson at EDSBS. Reminds me of a photo in one of Henry Kissinger’s books of Leonid Brezhnev and his translator eyeing actress Jill St. John in even more-salacious fashion. But Spurrier had best mind matters on the field. A few more 24-17 losses, never mind to a team like Vanderbilt, will get the faithful in Columbia in a pitchfork-bearing mood.

Missed Connection

Sports information guy at small football school misprints phone number on news release, sends sportswriters scrambling to call a phone-sex line instead of the coach’s weekly news conference. Hilarity ensues:

When I dialed in, the voice on the other line said, “Hi sexy, you’ve reached the one-on-one fantasy line.” I gasped, hung up and figured I must have dialed the wrong number. So, I checked the UCF news release and dialed again, but I got the same phone sex hotline complete with offers I can’t really post on this blog.

What he didn’t mention was that he no doubt was worried for a minute there about what would happen when that call showed up on the company phone bill. Bean-counters just don’t have a sense of humor about that kind of thing.

Happy Landings

It’s become somewhat fashionable for college football teams to commission parachute jumpers to drop on their stadium and deliver the game ball. Unfortunately, some of the jumpers have all the smarts of people who’ve landed on their heads a few times.

I was witness to one of two incidents over the weekend that stemmed from this trend, when a team of two jumpers descended on the wrong stadium:

At least that guy landed properly. The other mishap happened at the University of Cincinnati. The form of the jumper there left much to be desired:

It doesn’t help that the quality of the football being played locally isn’t very high.