When Sects Collide

One of Sullivan’s readers makes a good point:

The Unitarians have been marrying same-sex couples for some thirty years, and likewise some congregations of the United Church of Christ, the Metropolitan Community Church, and I’m sure a number of other religious groups I don’t even know. Why do the fundamentalists get to discriminate with the force of civil law against the U/U, the UCC, and the rest? When did they get the right to have their religious interpretation enshrined in civil law at the unavoidably explicit expense of the others’ ¬†interpretation?

Which is why government has to stay neutral on matters of religious doctrine.


Obama intends to wait until 2009 before asking for repeal of the don’t-ask-don’t-tell. Sullivan disagrees:

I understand the need not to repeat Clinton’s errors, especially at the very beginning of an administration. Delaying and consulting is fine. But the way in which gay servicemembers, risking their lives for their country as we speak, are still regarded as radioactive in the Democratic establishment, enabled by the internalized homophobia of the Human Rights Campaign, is appalling.

To me, however, this is a wise choice. If the administration and the active-duty military are together in seeking repeal, there will be no room for the Republican hard core to oppose them.