“Worst Possible Backdrop … No Worries”

Funniest thing I saw all day:

Hogan’s Alley Fail

Cop conducting a drug investigation sees armed man, blazes away — and shoots his own image in a mirror. I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t contribute to a passing score on the range.

Not a Good Idea, But Funny

Davenoon at Lawyers, Guns and Money:

I should note that in 2002, I promised a friend that if I could procure a wealthy benefactor to retire my student loans and provide me with a $10,000 annual stipend, I’d be willing to change my legal name to “Albert Qaeda” for five years, with an option to renegotiate after three.

Cry, the Beloved Seminole

Orson at the world’s best college football blog, Every Day Should Be Saturday, has taken official notice of the Florida State NCAA-investigation situation. As befits a fan of the University of Florida, he is amused:

A good villain needs to be someone who could kick your ass, which is why it’s been sad seeing Florida State decline into 7-5-dom and Music City Bowls. Sad is a carefully chosen word; we did not say regrettable, undeserved, or “not reeking with cosmic karmic justice of a vintage so refined we wouldn’t bottle it for fear of debasing its organic goodness.” No, sad will do very well.

While you’re there, and only if you have a taste for off-color humor, I suggest having a look at the other posts, including this one on Texas quarterback Colt McCoy. Be sure to read the comments; they’re half the fun of Orson’s site.