So Far, So Good

At least in New Orleans proper, Gustav seems to have let people off light. Keep checking with the Times-Picayune for details. There’s also some decent group-blogging of the storm going on at

One of my commenters felt I was a little quick overnight to pronounce this particular relief effort a failure. He reads too much into what I was saying. But I was concerned when I read Galrahn’s initial report on the Bataan’s departure for the Gulf Coast because there’s no hurricane response without command and control, and it looked possible the state capital, Baton Rouge, would take a hit. Now, in some┬áplaces, the state government can be relied on to compensate. But New Orleans’ troubles three years ago were partly the result of failures by the Louisiana state government. The folks who run it have had time to recover, learn and prepare, but having failed once, the feds’ planning has to assume the state might fail again. That means being ready to take over the command and control function. To the extent the Bataan was a key tool for that, and looked likely to arrive late, that’s a problem.