Wolfson Can’t Leave It Alone

Howard Wolfson, former Clinton spokesflack:

“The fact that Palin is pro-life and pro-gun will be a block for many of Senator Clinton’s supporters — but not all. And it will raise the question for many why Senator Obama didn’t pick Senator Clinton as his running mate.”

Hey, jackass, get a clue. It’s already clear having what amounts to two presidents in one administration is a bad idea. Picking Hillary, we’d have three. Bill comes in the bargain.

Debate Coaches Gone Wild

Somehow, I can’t picture my 72-year-old debate coach back in high school flying off the handle like this. One more sign of the apocalypse, I suppose.

As Jon Sanders at The Locker Room says:

But what to call it? Argument Ab Natibus or a form of Reductio Ad Nudum Corpum? Or perhaps simply the Ace Ventura Technique?

Diamond Strategy 101

Could Davey Johnson be any more of a jerk? Yes, it’s unfortunate that one of the US baseball team’s key guys got hurt while executing a bunt in the team’s loss to Cuba. But the Cuban pitcher is in no way at fault. It’s just fundamental that when a guy squares around, the pitcher goes high and tight because a high and tight fastball is very hard to bunt. Get a grip, jag-off. You’re giving Coach K a run for the poorest-diplomat-of-the-Olympics award.

Ted Rall, Eviscerated

Remember Ted Rall? Left-wing cartoonist, made a name for himself post-9/11 by slagging on the victims’ families, then became the target of every right-of-center blog in the ‘sphere until he lost his platform? Well, he’s back and he’s still bad, in the traditional sense of the word bad, meaning “something noxious.” But this time, it’s not the folks on the right slapping him down. Check out Joshua Foust at Registan, who does a line-by-line take-down of Rall’s latest work. Fisking doesn’t come much better than this:

Rall confuses being an idiot with having secret insider knowledge. Here’s a hint: you’re marginalized because you’re stupid and you lie.

Why the MSM Ignores Certain Stories

Short answer: When they seem like a waste of time. Example: the one now going around that wonders why journos haven’t checked Obama’s draft-registration status when the registration law specifies that unregistered people aren’t eligible for executive-branch jobs. Never mind that the Constitution spells out the eligibility threshold for president, nowhere mentions draft status and nowhere gives Congress the power to change the threshold without going through the amendment process. Really, is that so damn hard?