Obama’s FCC

Good times coming for the ‘net, courtesy of whoever Obama puts on the FCC, says Ars Technica:

The favored will include Internet portals and application providers (“Google, Yahoo! etc—big winners,” Lipman declared). The reason is pretty obvious. Obama is a net neutrality supporter, and observers should expect plenty of proactivity in this area from Obama and Congress, including policies “prohibiting discrimination, prohibiting rationing of capacity,” and “prohibiting prioritization of traffic charges.” Plus Obama “probably would be skeptical of even bandwidth caps,” Lipman speculated.

McCain Gets Techy

John McCain lays out his tech policy, and there’s a lot of good news in it for Big Media. Among other things, he opposes net neutrality. I’ve said it before and will say it again: Someone needs to take the Constitution’s idea of time-limited copyright (as opposed to Congress’ defacto extension of perpetual copyrights) seriously. Make copyrights too short, and no one will create. Make them too long, and creators will get lazy. Hollywood and the legacy music industry long ago passed into sloth.