Port Traffic Cools

The folks who run the seaport in Wilmington, NC, are seeing a drop-off in traffic:

Tonnage of bulk and breakbulk cargo handled at the Port of Wilmington – including lumber, cement, fertilizer and other products – dropped nearly 9 percent last year, or more than 200,000 tons. Port officials say it’s a sign of a slumping U.S. economy and housing market, as well as a weak U.S. dollar.

North Carolina: In Play?

The folks at FiveThirtyEight are doing a state-by-state rundown of how the fall race will play and on Friday got around to North Carolina. I find nothing to quarrel with in this analysis. This’ll be an interesting race. NC has been GOP territory since the Carter years, but the cities are grabbing an increasing share of its population and most of the folks coming here new, making them potentially fertile ground for Obama. Chances are that McCain still takes it, but it’ll be a battle, and if Obama somehow breaks through, it’s game over.

Rising Opposition to RIAA

The number of states scrutinizing RIAA violations of the rules for licensing private investigators continues to rise. This is looking like a profitable line of attack for defense attorneys.