USA 118, Spain 107

Spain brought its A game to the final, but so did Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade and Team USA prevails in a rather exciting fourth quarter. I maintain that this was LeBron’s team but in the final he was Kevin Garnett to Bryant’s Paul Pierce — the glue, but willing to let the hotter hand have the spotlight. As for the¬†Spaniards, Pau Gasol was much better in this game but not better than his brother Marc, who gave Team USA fits inside. And the guard combo of Navarro and Fernandez was lights-out all night long. A churl could say that nobody played much defense but in truth this was what the game looks like when the rules favor fluid movement instead of the bump-and-grind the NBA has become since the Pistons’ 1989 and 1990 titles.

US Hoops, On the Way

The US men’s basketball team thumps Spain and looks like a world-beater. LeBron is on a mission. (Pau Gasol, by the way, is still a wimp.)

Diamond Strategy 101

Could Davey Johnson be any more of a jerk? Yes, it’s unfortunate that one of the US baseball team’s key guys got hurt while executing a bunt in the team’s loss to Cuba. But the Cuban pitcher is in no way at fault. It’s just fundamental that when a guy squares around, the pitcher goes high and tight because a high and tight fastball is very hard to bunt.¬†Get a grip, jag-off. You’re giving Coach K a run for the poorest-diplomat-of-the-Olympics award.

Chinese Soccer

Just when you thought there wasn’t harder-to-sell crowd out there than the American soccer fan, along come the Chinese. Hi-larious.

U.S. 2, Netherlands 2

The U.S. men’s soccer team ties in group action. Sideline Views has the blow-by-blow. Our guys couldn’t hold off a late push by the Dutch for the equalizer. Freddy Adu is out of the next game on yellows.