Will Play for Food

Rhodri Marsden isn’t seeing a business model that works for the music industry, and doesn’t necessarily consider that a bad thing:

Slight poverty is what drives music forward. It only works if you’re in the red. You’ve never felt so alive as when you’ve just maxed out your credit card to get your band on a cross channel ferry for a one-off gig in Antwerp.

Michigan Cracks Down on RIAA Snoopers

Amid all the complaining about the RIAA’s unlicensed snooping into file-sharing, Michigan’s legislature has passed a law that, yes, says firms engaging in “computer forensics” must obtain a private-investigations license.

Rising Opposition to RIAA

The number of states scrutinizing RIAA violations of the rules for licensing private investigators continues to rise. This is looking like a profitable line of attack for defense attorneys.