Quitter (II)

Orson Scott Card, remembering fondly Solzhenitsyn’s Harvard critique of American society:

We are what Sozhenitsyn accused us of being. Unwilling to listen to and learn from him, we are acting out the tragicomedy of national decline. Is there still greatness in us? Just as the dying British Empire, led by the genuinely brave Winston Churchill, had one last paroxysm of greatness in World War II, we may be enacting our last spasm of courage under the leadership of George W. Bush.

What rot. This is not 1978, and Card’s take is little more than Jimmy Carter’s malaise speech updated.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, RIP

Solzhenitsyn passed early Sunday evening, by the clock in the U.S. The AP obit, obviously prepared months or years in advance, is balanced in noting that the novelist was as fierce in his critique of the West as he was of Stalin’s regime.