Told ‘Ya

CNN’s Anderson Cooper and his crew scored an interview with Sarah Palin’s former brother-in-law. As I expected, he comes off as a real shit.

WaPo Examines Troopergate

Nothing in the Washington Post’s article¬†about the Palin/trooper situation changes my assessment that the issue is a loser for the Dems. For what it’s worth, it seems like a straightforward account of how things got to where they are.

Not Leaving the Trooper Alone

A long post from Washington Monthly blogger Steve Benen shows Democrats could well get themselves in trouble by making an issue of McCain veep pick Sarah Palin’s efforts to get her state-trooper brother-in-law fired. It’s clear Palin has been disingenuous about her activities and the former state public safety commissioner she actually did fire has a point when he says there are personnel-law reasons that should keep a governor from putting a finger on the scales like she tried to. ¬†But looking strictly at the politics of it, that’s beside the point. Most police forces are good-ol’-boy bastions that more often cover for than investigate fellow cops who get involved in domestic violence. That’s so widely known that women not only will give Palin a pass on the issue, many will actively take her side. Trust me, Dems, this one’s a loser.

Stay Away from the Trooper

As I said previously, if the Dems try to make an issue of the to-do over Palin’s state trooper brother-in-law, they’d be making a tactical mistake of the highest order. Flopping Aces has the details.