Diamond Strategy 101

Could Davey Johnson be any more of a jerk? Yes, it’s unfortunate that one of the US baseball team’s key guys got hurt while executing a bunt in the team’s loss to Cuba. But the Cuban pitcher is in no way at fault. It’s just fundamental that when a guy squares around, the pitcher goes high and tight because a high and tight fastball is very hard to bunt.¬†Get a grip, jag-off. You’re giving Coach K a run for the poorest-diplomat-of-the-Olympics award.

Purity Has Nothing to Do With It

Matt Ygelsias misses the point entirely in observing that Georgian President Saakashvili is no democrat. The US embrace of Georgia has nothing to do with human rights, democracy or anything so soft and squishy as that. We prefer that Georgia (and the other former Soviet republics) remain independent of Russia because a smaller Russia is a less powerful and less threatening Russia. Period.

Chinese Soccer

Just when you thought there wasn’t harder-to-sell crowd out there than the American soccer fan, along come the Chinese. Hi-larious.